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My camera bag

Someone just asked me about my camera bag. And I realized that I have never blogged about it. When I bought my Sony, I wanted to have a real bag pack. Until then I used a bag with only one belt but when you’re out a whole day this is quite nasty because of the weight sitting all on one shoulder.

As I often fly to locations, I also wanted a bag that protects my gear well. We all know that many people travel with handluggage only and they don’t really care about your stuff when squeezing their hardcases in the overhead compartments. If something breaks, you’ll get a sorry, … not good.

So the bagpack I was looking for had to fit under a seat (under one of those new smaller airplane seats) and I wanted to fit my notebook in it as well. Tough requirements. But I luckily found a bag that does the job for me. Ok, it screams a little ‘hey, I’m a photo bag’ but that really is the only disadvantage I see.

I am talking about the Lowepro ProTactive AW 350.