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New Fashion Nudes

At the beginning of the German winter season, when it gets dark outside at 5 pm already, it is just the perfect time for browsing photo books. Luckily, there's a new one out which looks promising. The superficially unarranged pictures of 15 photographers convey a subtle form of sexyness despite today's social media masked requirements.

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Malte Grüner

This was a bit surreal. One afternoon, I walk out of the door of my local supermarket and there stands a guy with a camera. At a quick glance I notice he holds a Canon 5D. The photographer looks at me and after a short moment of hesitation, he asks: “Simon?”.

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My year in fast forward

Today, I realized that of all months, December is somehow a very poor one. It gets left out in all the annual reviews that you watch on tv. And so it is with my personal review of 2016 as well. Even though exciting projects are coming up in December, I decided to already tell you about the shooting trips from this year, so far.

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Sony A7RII review

After owning a Sony Alpha 7R2 for more than one year now, I decided to share my experiences with this mirrorless camera. A lot of blog posts you find are written by techno enthusiasts, so my personal opinion might add something as I am definitely not the type of person who you can win over with more megapixels or other tech specs.

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