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Aspen Maye

While it is always about the beauty and appeal of a gorgeous woman, the location unobtrusively adds to the atmosphere. These subtle moments recently inspired me the most.

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Ben Hammer

Ben is a 26 year old photographer from Cologne. He just published his first photo book which is a documentary of his last year when he took a time out and the plunge to own a photo studio. With all its ups and downs.

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How to get started

From time to time, people email me and ask me how they can get started doing a photo shoot. The obvious answer would be: Just do it. But actually there is quite some work involved.

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Framing with depth

When I was a kid, my father taught me that a good photograph needs a foreground, middleground and background. It is one of the very basic composition rules. And still valid today. But what if you're not shooting landscapes? And what if there is no foreground on your set?

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