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Hello Instagram

Instagram is the new Facebook, they say. In Germany it's a big thing and a lot of people speak about this platform. It took me a while to jump on the bandwagon. But now, I am finally signed up with an Instagram account, too.

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Dangerous Woman

Most recently erotic clips I found on the internet were either rather cheap or too touchy in my personal opinion. Therefore I was really happy to see the impact of sensuality Martijn Jongeling managed to film with his model.

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Color grading with gradient maps

When it comes to color grading, there are thousands of techniques. You can't say one method is better than the other. And none of them works universal for all images. Probably like all photographers, I try to photograph light and colors in a way I want them, so I have less work in post production. For images that look almost perfect out of cam, color grading using Photoshop's gradient map is a very quick method.

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Jacqueline Scherer

So far, I only introduced males in this section of my blog. As we both know that you came here because of your interest in females, I am happy to tell you that I have something for you. I spoke with Playmate of the month May 2016 and asked her about her private life and her dreams.

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