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Jonas Skorpil

In today's world, photography is everywhere. We are over-saturated by looking at images all day long. The average attention span is less than 10 seconds now. But trust me, there are artists who deserve much more of our time. Jonas Skorpil is one of them. I met him and we spoke for a couple of hours.

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Classic Cars

Just like salt and pepper, yin and yang, bacon and eggs, I believe, girls and cars are a suitable, natural pairing. I agree it can easily get cheesy (which I try to avoid). But I don't mind photographing something that's been done a thousand times before.

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Most sensual music

I used to deejay. Music still plays an important role in my life. Just like photographs, songs transports a certain mood and can evoke emotions, create memories. For my book release party a while ago, I created this frisky playlist.

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Where the sun shines

In photography it's all about light. The quality and quantity of light, soft and harsh light. But one of the most important aspects is the direction of light. It's always good to know from where the sun shines at what time.

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