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Framing with depth

When I was a kid, my father taught me that a good photograph needs a foreground, middleground and background. It is one of the very basic composition rules. And still valid today. But what if you're not shooting landscapes? And what if there is no foreground on your set?

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Mariana & Olga

Insomnia Magazine Issue 4 is out now. And it's always a good source of inspiration, because the magazine features some of the greatest temporary photographers with their works. Now, this sounds a bit blunt, because I am in this issue, too. But I am speaking of the other artists. Lovely and adorable works worth watching.

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Rene de Haan

In 2009 I discovered Rene de Haan on the internet and asked him what he thinks about my latest photo series. He critisized a lot, but his honesty brought me further. We soon became friends and exchange mails several times a week, still. Rene is a laid-back and modest person. But with far more than 100 shootings for Playboy, he has a lot to tell.

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Hello Instagram

Instagram is the new Facebook, they say. In Germany it's a big thing and a lot of people speak about this platform. It took me a while to jump on the bandwagon. But now, I am finally signed up with an Instagram account, too.

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